Nail Polish Thinners


Give your Nail Polishes a boost with this Polish Thinners, a few drops in the bottle and a quick shake will give them a new lease of life.

It simply replaces the ingredients that have evaporated & is still Cruelty Free, 5 Free & Vegan.

Size: 10ml



Sometimes Nail Polish will become a little thicker than we would like as ingredients evaporate leaving a thick or sticky consistency. This can make your Nail Polish hard to apply and leave your nails looking streaky and uneven.

A few drops of our vegan Nail Polish Thinner will give your old polishes a new lease of life making them easy to apply again.

Containing no nasty chemicals this Vegan Nail Polish Thinner is also Cruelty free and Non Toxic.

Directions for use

Drop 2/3 drops of thinners into your gloopy polish and give a really good shake, for extra thick polish more thinners will be required.

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