Trick of the Light


This Yellow to Orange Photochromic Nail Polish will fascinate you as it changes in the sunlight & back again. We call it Solar Powered!

Give it a coat of Shining Armour and you will have a glossy manicure  that will last.

LivOliv is quick drying, long lasting and better for your nails.

Read more about what 5-free means here.




a Photochromic yellow  to orange Vegan nail Polish 

Directions for Using photochromic nail polish

To get the best results from your Photochromic Nail Polish, apply 2/3 thin layers of LivOliv Polish over our ‘Bed Rock’ Base Coat,  Then finish off with a good layer of ‘Shining Armour’ Top Coat or  try ‘Buff Stuff’ MatteTop Coat.

This polish changes right before your eyes! Inside is Yellow & In sunlight it is Orange.  It’s Solar Powered Polish!

Our Vegan Nail Varnish glides on smoothly and dries quickly, ensure each layer is fully dry before re-applying.

If you want to find out more about why our products are Non Toxic, check out this link


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10ml, 5ml


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